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Measure measure measure

During the week we have been learning all about measurement.

We know how to measure things in centimetres and metres but can we measure both?


Let’s grab our measure monsters and see what we can do.

Great job measuring guys I wonder what you discovered.

Taylor: I discovered that the red bars are 83cm long

Nhi: I discovered the poles that you walk on the length is 93cm

Christiaan: I discovered that bark can be 6cm long

Jonathan: the longest thing I measured 3.20 metres long

David: I discovered the height of the firemans poll is 3.9 metres

Thein an: the monkey bar height is 2 metres high

Shanitah: I found the curvey monkey bars 2.60 metres in height and 2metres and 90 centimetres in legnth

Henry: I discovered Mr French is 180 centimetres tall


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  1. jasmin

    hi mr french when are u going to post our community

  2. tristanfrench


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