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Fantastic flying flags.

Today we are going to be learning a bit about flags.

Let’s think, why do we have flags?

Raven: To represent their culture

Jonathan: Represents their country

Daniel: to know what the country means through their colours

Gillian: To represent their beliefs

Thein an: So you know the meanings of different countries

Monson: Tells your country

Let’s have a look at the indigenous Australian flag and what it means.

Time to get creative. Draw your own flag that means something to you.

Great job today guys.

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  1. Luan

    Hey mr French I was just wanting to say hi

    • tristanfrench

      Hey Luan, Thanks for saying hi :D.

  2. Luan

    Hi mr French how are you today

    • tristanfrench

      Awesome mate :D, hope you had a good weekend at Christians.

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