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Jumping Geography

We are going to be learning about our country Australia! This time we won’t be focusing on the history of this country but the geography.

So what do you think geography is.

Jasmin: I think it’s about taking photos
Thein-an: I think geography is about science
Monson: I think geography is about time
Charity: I think geography has to do with graphs
Henry: I think it has something to do with geometry which has to do with maths
Doveani: I think geography means science
Luan: I think geography is about the future
Mohammed: I think it is about the world
Sammi: I think it is people taking photos of other people

Today you are all going to be geologists, studying Australia and what Australia looks like.

Not only are you going to be geologists but you are going to be teachers.

Your goal today is, to work with grade 1/2 students in drawing Australia on the basketball courts with chalk.

You will draw what you think Australia looks like first, then you will use the I-pads to try and draw a more accurate picture of Australia.

Good luck guys, I know you will be mature leaders and great teachers.

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  1. Amy

    I think they did a good job at drawing australia

    • tristanfrench

      Such a good comment Amy, good positive attitude.

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