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Our own personal goals

We are learning how to set goals in the classroom that will help us with our learning.

We know that Mr French’s goal is to improve his spelling and handwriting. I have been using look say cover write check, I write words that I don’t know how to spell 10 times in my book and the class reminds me when I spell a word wrong.

You guys are now going to set your own goal.

It can be in any subject, make sure that it is specific.

Raven: Putting more detail in my narrative
Gillian: Correcting my own writing
Luan: Writing interesting stories
Henry: Have better hand writing
Charity: Working on my times tables mostly my tens
Shanitah: I want to improve my spelling
Jonathan: I want to improve on my handwriting
Angela: I want to improve my spelling


You are to use loose leaf paper, this paper will go into your green display folders.
Today you must come up with your own goal.
You are to come up with a list of things that will help you reach your goal by the end of the term.

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